Frequently asked questions

How secure is the bowel prep program?
The medCompanion platform uses best practice healthcare security techniques to ensure clinic and patient data is never compromised. All data is encrypted "at rest" and "in transit" across all components and all transactions. AES-256 encryption is used to protect sensitive data. All critical data is backed up and recoverable to protect against possible data loss. Where applicable, data is only kept for as long as it is required in line with privacy laws.
How do I and my patients log into the app?
Once a patient is set up in the clinic portal a text message is sent to their phone. This message is unique for each patient and contains a link to download the medCompanion App and automatically configures the App for the patient. They will be required to accept T&C’s during the process.
As a doctor, how can I see whether my patients have accessed the app and instructions?
The medCompanion clinic portal is your control centre. After you log in through the web portal click on ‘patients’ in the left navigation bar. You can scroll to find your patient or type in their name in the search bar. When you click on the patient it will show you their details including how many messages they have received. Additional information will be collected in future releases.
Can I track bowel preparation quality for patients in case of ccrtge credentialing requirements in the future?
medCompanion has a number of features due for release in the coming months. The ability to attach photos and assessment of bowel preparation quality will be one of these features.
Can I track how many polyps I have removed for ccttge credentialing?
We will be including the ability to record the number of polyps in a future release. We will keep you informed of new features as they are added.
What if I work remotely and need to generate a bowel prep sequence?
medCompanion can be accessed via any web browser provided you have your user name and password. This means you can start a new patient from any location. We are currently working on a mobile responsive version so that you can start a sequence from your smart phone.
Are the language translations robust?
All medCompanion translations are done by NAATI qualified medical translators. We have a feedback system where translations are checked and updated as changes are made.
What is the quality of the information presented?
All of the medCompanion information has been produced and checked by leading gastroenterologists.
Can I adjust any of the steps?
You can create your own sequence. To do this please contact medCompanion at, additional costs may apply.
How can I change the program to suit my staff?
To do this please contact medCompanion at, additional costs may apply.

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